Capturing the memories of a lifetime

Photo Album/Keepsake Book

Every picture tells a story and looking through yourPub Life photo albums is a fun and easy way to jog your memory.  It could be a start to writing your memoir, or simply a way of organizing your photos with captions for future generations. This is also true for memorabilia.  A child’s simple drawing can bring back a host of wonderful memories, as will the necklace inherited from a great grandmother.  Photos can also be taken of mementos with the related stories included.

Mini Memoir – Selected Stories from Your Life

These could cover pivotal times in your career, your military experience, memorable holidays, working and living in a foreign country or voluntary work. The possibilities are endless

Special Occasion and Tribute Books

2 poodlesCelebrate a wedding, special anniversary, a milestone birthday, adoption, a university graduation or a retirement with a unique gift that will be cherished forever.  

Or you may want to honor a loved one who has passed – whether a person or a beloved pet – by recognizing the impact they had on your life.  This Tribute Book could include eulogies and letters of condolence from family and friends. If the object of your affection is still a big part of your life, there's no better way to express your devotion than by writing stories, anecdotes and stating your feelings, along with a collection of wonderful photos of moments shared.

If preserving your stories is important to you, or a loved one, please contact Marie Rowe at Thanks for the Memoirs. I look forward to knowing who you are.

All fees are agreed-upon in advance and are all-inclusive. 


Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door .

– Saul Bellow

As an alternative to personalised books, Marie can also help you write your own life story, two pages at a time, with her six-week course in Guided Autobiography. Designed to assist individuals to recall, organise and share the contents of their life experiences, these classes will help evoke memories through a variety of common themes. A maximum of six class members are requested to write two pages each week on specific subjects and then to share their writing in this small group format. Each class lasts for 2 hours. Please contact Marie for more information.



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